Quit Smoking Now And Reside A Happier Life

Many individuals discover that it is very difficult to quit smoking. There is no one surefire approach to quitting. Research what has labored for others; perhaps it may meet your needs as well. Try some of the suggestions below to discover that giving up could be less difficult than a person thought:

  • Let your family and friends realize that you are going to quit smoking. Encouragement through those you trust probably the most can act as one of the greatest motives for continuing forward together with your commitment. Ask them to help remind a person why you are quitting smoking when occasions get hard.
  • Having a good attitude and plenty of motivation may directly affect how easy it’s for you to quit smoking. Try to think about how much better your life is going to be once you’ve quit. You’ll scent better, will save thousands of dollars, and does not have to huddle outside in the rain as well as snow for a smoke any longer! Thinking about negative things will help you quit smoking, but also try to think about positive aspects.
  • If you are having a difficult time quitting, try wearing an area or chewing some smoking gum. These medications, whenever combined with modifications to conduct, multiply your chances of kicking the habit permanently by two. Nicotine replacement therapy entails gradually reducing your dependence on smoking through such things as the area or lozenges. You should not, however, use these items if you are still smoking.
  • Engage with your doctor if you are having difficulties throwing your smoking habit on your own. A physician may prescribe medication to help ease your efforts. Also ask your physician for a list of support groups, counselors and any other resources which may be helpful to you.
  • Write down the different ways that you would like to try to quit smoking. Making a personalized list of things to try will help you succeed at quitting. It will help to create a personalized formula to stop smoking. You have to figure out what works well with yourself and your lifestyle. This is the purpose of making a personalized checklist.
  • Stay away from the kind of situations in which you would be tempted to smoke. If you’re used to smoking while you consume coffee in the morning or on your office happy hour, consider altering your routine. For example, consume your coffee on your way to function and staying away from bars may reduce your cravings.
  • Nicotine replacement therapy could be a very beneficial way to improve the likelihood of quitting smoking. By providing your body along with low amounts of nicotine, you are able to prevent withdrawal symptoms whilst gradually reducing your dependence. When you are free from cigarettes, you can progressively free yourself from nicotine as well.

It can be very difficult to quit smoking, and also the same method will not work with everyone. Of course, quitting is as simple as no means impossible. Use the recommendation you read here in conjunction with your own research to devise a good quitting plan. Try these techniques out, and you will be amazed at their own effectiveness.

How to quit smoking without gaining weight

It is seen that some people who quit smoking gain weight. Though not all people gain weight when they stop smoking, the weight gain is commonly seen in those people who have smoked for 10 to 20 years or smokes a pack or more daily. The average weight gain is around 10 pounds. Physical exercise, managing cravings, healthy eating, and positive attitude are some of the major components which could help you to prevent weight gain when you quit smoking. Let us see in detail how these components help one to stop smoking without gaining weight.

Physical exercise

To prevent weight gain after stopping smoking one need to become more physically active. Physical exercise not only helps you to control weight but also improve your health, gives more energy, takes your mind off from smoking cigarette, and helps to relieve the moodiness and stress – the main withdrawal symptoms of quit smoking.

Try to perform physical exercise daily for at least 30 minutes. Physical exercise need not mean hard exercises like weight lifting; you can do simple exercise like waking for some time, playing with children, or mowing the lawn.

Managing Cravings

• Once you quit smoking, you need to be very careful in decreasing your cravings for nicotine. Keep in mind that your craving will last only for five minutes and if you prevent this craving for 5 minutes then you are the winner.
• Try to replace your smoking habit with any other activity which occupies both your hands and mouth. Snack on chewing gum or fruit to satisfy any sweet cravings. You can keep your hands bust with crossword puzzles, knitting, or doodling.
• Try to consume less caffeine; even though you may think that caffeine make you feel better, it can worsen the jittery nervous feeling which may accompany the withdrawal symptoms of cigarette.
• Try to get enough sleep. People who have smoking habit tend to use more cigarettes when they feel they are tired.
• Never let yourself more tired, angry, hungry, or lonely.
• Try to reduce your tension. Meditation, taking deep breaths, talking a bath or some walking can reduce tensions. You can also find engaged in something else which will replace smoking as a way to reduce your tension.
• Using stop smoking aids such as nicotine patches, nicotine nasal sprays, and nicotine gums are considered as an efficient method to quit smoking without gaining weight.

Healthy Eating

Eating a wide variety of foods, such as fruits and vegetables, everyday not only helps in preventing the weight gain but also helps you to feel better when you stop smoking. It is a good idea to improve your eating habits gradually, but try not to change it too quickly as it can result in increasing your stress.

Positive attitude

Positive attitude plays an important role in quit smoking. Try to stay positive and your aim must be to quit smoking. Don’t panic thinking about modest weight gain. Even if you do gain weight, your healthy habits such as good exercise and healthy eating will help you to lose weight and gets your body back to normal. So be confident and go ahead!

Why One Must Consider Quit Smoking?

Why one must consider quit smoking? The answer to this query is quite simple and straight. Cigarette smoking kills one slowly and steadily. As per the available statistics, nearly 5 million people die due to diseases induced by smoking, all over the globe annually. Hence, if you are a chain smoker, get rid of this habit at the earliest. If you are short of inspiration to consider quit smoking, please read ahead; the following paragraphs could provide you with the required drive do so.

Cigarette smoking is harmful because the every puff you take brings with it an assortment of dangerous chemicals – nicotine, tar, acetone and traces of mercury, to name a few – into the human lungs and hence to the blood stream, all of which can produce dangerous effects on the human body. For a convincing education, let us take a look at the negative effects of the chemicals mentioned in the previous sentence.

In small doses, nicotine is used as a stimulant drug that relieves pressure and pain. But in large amounts, nicotine is addictive and acts as a depressant. Further, when combined with carbon monoxide – a major part of cigarette smoke – it can cause very harmful effects on the human body. Tar affects lungs and teeth, while acetone could cause serious damages to one’s kidneys and liver. Mercury, on the other hand, is easily absorbed into the blood stream and is detrimental to the central nervous system, kidneys, gums and teeth.

Apart from the above mentioned diseases, smokers also stand a high probability of contacting lung disorders – such as asthma and bronchitis – reproductive system failures, blood vessel constriction in hands and legs, and kidney disorders.

What we have seen above are the ill effects smoking does to the smoker’s system. But what about others – those walking on the road, working with the smoker or his/her family members who live under the same roof – who happen to inhale the smoke let out by the smoker. Studies have shown that passive smoking is more harmful than direct inhalation sometimes. Why let others also suffer due to your bad habit?

From the foregoing, it is clear that cigarette smoking not only harms the person puffing the cigarette, but also others who happen to be in the vicinity of the smoker. Conversely, dropping this habit not only saves oneself, but also the innocent fellow beings near you. Isn’t it a reason in itself to consider quit smoking? Yes, indeed! But make sure that you don’t delay it any further.