Methods for Quit Smoking

Cigarette Smoking is really a bad habit for the negative effects it produces on the human body by far outstrips the pleasure or excitement it provides. It kills a person slowly and steadily. If to believe the statistics, nearly 5 million people die due to diseases caused by smoking every year, round the world. So, if you value your life to any iota, better get rid of this habit at the earliest. Here are few proven methods, suggested by doctors around the world to ward off this dangerous temptation. Some of these can be practiced independently, while some others may require constant professional assistance and counseling.

The simplest, but cut-throat way to quit smoking is the ‘cold turkey’ method, which implies stopping the smoking habit all in a sudden, on one fine morning. But, as there is no tapering off in this method, it is the most difficult one to implement as well, especially if the smoker is a smoking addict.

The addiction to cigarette smoking is actually a craving for the nicotine present in the cigarette smoke. Hence, if one could address this nicotine addiction, smoking frequency will also come down naturally. Nicotine replacement therapy is such a method in which the nicotine supply to the system through smoke is substituted by smaller doses of nicotine, in the form of nicotine patches, nicotine gum, or nicotine nasal sprays. The advantage with this method is that it not only eases the withdrawal symptoms, but also helps the doctor to reduce the nicotine intake selectively and regularly before stopping it permanently and forever.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is another proven method that involves delaying the smoking sessions, checking the external influences that promote smoking, and making the person focus on other aspects when the temptation to smoking arises, thereby selectively depriving the smoker’s system of its usual dose of cigarette smoke, thus forcing it to control the urge to smoke over a period of time.

Counseling, hypnosis and acupuncture are other suggested methods for killing this habit.

Finally, one must be prudent to realize that none of these methods could help one to quit smoking unless he/she has a firm resolve to do so. Hence it is important that a chain smoker understands the cons of cigarette smoking and voluntarily makes up his/her mind to embrace a non-smoking lifestyle. Remember, it is in the mind that more than half the battle is fought and won.

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